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Scientific Cutting Tools 2015 Catalog

Scientific Cutting Tools 2015 Catalog 

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Preface to Scientific Cutting Tools

Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc. was established as an innovative cutting tool manufacturer based upon the simple marketing concept of providing customers with superior products, competitive prices, and uncompromising customer service.

SCT entered the cutting tool manufacturing field with innovative cutting tool design, an inspired ambition to succeed, and one driving goal— to deliver unprecedented value to our customers.

Over the years, SCT has developed new tool lines and refined existing product groups. Through aggressive research and development,

SCT has the capability of developing specialized tools for specific customer projects, as well as the ability to modify existing stock tools to meet individual customer needs.

Although 53 years have passed since SCT first opened its doors, our fundamental reasons for being in business have remained the same as those originally established by company founder Stan Christopher.

Our commitment to quality control, unparalleled craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction continue to set us above the competition.

Adopting a company philosophy of “pride in our people means pride in workmanship,” has proven to be the spark to ignite our ability to provide the best value in the industry.

SCT’s team of specially trained machinists, operators, engineers, and even our customer service team all take pride in dedication to their craft and producing the highest quality goods for our customers.

SCT has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of an extensive line of cutting tools including thread mills, port tools, cavity tools, indexable and solid carbide boring bars, threading tools, grooving tools, and more.

We stock coated (ALTiN+) and uncoated versions of our products and all carbide used in our processes must pass stringent quality tests.

Despite its higher cost, SCT purchases exclusively premium grade submicron carbide because it produces a tough, long-lasting surface that resists chipping and cracking while maintaining superior abrasion resistance.

SCT’s commitment to only working with the latest CNC tool and cutter grinders, vertical machining centers, and turning centers as well as dedicated employees using forward-thinking technology has allowed us to produce top-end cutting tools using quality materials at competitive market prices.

Scientific Cutting Tools will continue to position itself to be the cutting edge of tomorrow’s product design while still offering competitively priced products.

The goal of delivering superior quality tools backed by 100% customer satisfaction is SCT’s guarantee.

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