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Self Compacting Concrete by Ahmed Loukili

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Contents of Self Compacting Concrete

  • Introduction                               
  • Chapter 1 Design, Rheology and Casting of Self-Compacting Concretes                   
  • Sofiane AMZIANE, Christophe LANOS and
  • Michel MOURET
  • Towards a fluid concrete                  
  • Area of application                   
  • SCC formulation basics                   
  • Specificity of SCC formulation            
  • Design methods for SCC                
  • SCC rheology                          
  • Fundamental concepts                 
  • Rheological characteristics: methods and ranges of measured values                   
  • Rheology at different scales              
  • Evolution in rheology during casting – thixotropy                              
  • Industrial practices                      
  • Determining rheology during mixing and transport                               
  • Pumping                           
  • Self-Compacting Concrete
  • Forces exerted by SCCs on formworks         
  • Important parameters                 
  • Changes in pressure against a formwork    
  • Adapting the casting conditions           
  • Modeling pressure                    
  • Bibliography                           
  • Chapter 2 Early Age Behavior                
  • Philippe TURCRY and Ahmed LOUKILI
  • Introduction                           
  • Hydration and its consequences             
  • Hydration                          
  • Setting                            
  • Chemical shrinkage and endogenous shrinkage                              
  • Heat release, thermal contraction and the risk of cracking                        
  • Early age desiccation and its consequences: different approaches to the problem             
  • Plastic shrinkage and drop in capillary pressure                                 
  • Analysis of studied phenomena           
  • Comparison of plastic shrinkage for SCCs and conventional concretes                   
  • Controlled drying                     
  • Forced drying                      
  • Influence of composition on free plastic shrinkage                               
  • Influence of the paste composition        
  • Influence of the paste proportion          
  • Cracking due to early drying               
  • Experimental apparatus                
  • Comparison of SCCs and conventional concretes                               
  • Summary                             
  • Bibliography                           
  • Table of Contents vii
  • Chapter 3 Mechanical Properties and Delayed
  • Deformations                              
  • Thierry VIDAL, Philippe TURCRY, Stéphanie STAQUET and Ahmed LOUKILI
  • Introduction                           
  • Instantaneous mechanical properties        
  • Time-evolution of compressive strength     
  • Tensile strength                      
  • Elastic modulus                     
  • Differences in mechanical behavior           
  • Free shrinkage                      
  • Restrained shrinkage                  
  • Evolution and prediction of delayed deformations under loading, creep deformations  
  • Behavior of steel-concrete bonding           
  • Anchorage capacity                    
  • Transfer capacity of reinforcement tensile stress to concrete and cracking Bibliography              
  • Chapter 4 Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete                                 
  • Emmanuel ROZIÈRE and Abdelhafid KHELIDJ
  • Properties and parameters that influence durability                                
  •  Mechanical strength                  
  • Porosity and properties of the porous
  • network                                
  • Absorption                         
  • Transport phenomena                   
  • Permeability                       
  • Diffusion                           
  • Degradation mechanisms                  
  • Reinforcement bar corrosion risk          
  • Aggressive water                    
  • Self-Compacting Concrete
  • Conclusion                            
  • Bibliography                           
  • Chapter 5 High Temperature Behavior of
  • Self-Compacting Concretes                   
  • Changes in SCC microstructure and
  • physico-chemical properties with temperature      
  • Physico-chemical properties             
  • Mechanical behavior of SCCs at high temperature                              
  • Changes in compressive strength         
  • Elastic modulus                      
  • Thermal stability                      
  • Conclusion                           
  • Bibliography  

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