Solving Mathematical Problems A Personal Perspective

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Solving Mathematical Problems A Personal Perspective

PDF Free Download | Solving Mathematical Problems A Personal Perspective 2nd Edition by Terence Tao

Contents of Solving Mathematical Problems eBook

  • Strategies in problem solving
  • Examples in number theory
  • Examples in algebra and analysis
  • Euclidean geometry
  • Analytic geometry
  • Sundry examples

Preface to 2nd Edition

This book was written 15 years ago; literally half a lifetime ago, for me. In the intervening years, I have left home, moved to a different country, gone to graduate school, taught classes, written research papers, advised graduate students, married my wife, and had a son.

Clearly, my perspective on life and on mathematics is different now than it was when I was 15. I have not been involved in problem-solving competitions for a very long time now, and if I were to write a book now on the subject it would be very different from the one you are reading here.

Mathematics is a multifaceted subject, and our experience and appreciation of it changes with time and experience.

As a primary school student, I was drawn to mathematics by the abstract beauty of formal manipulation, and the remarkable ability to repeatedly use simple rules to achieve non-trivial answers.

As a high-school student, competing in mathematics competitions, I enjoyed mathematics as a sport, taking cleverly designed mathematical puzzle problems (such as those in this book) and searching for the right ‘trick’ that would unlock each one.

As an undergraduate, I was awed by my first glimpses of the rich, deep, and fascinating theories and structures which lie at the core of modern mathematics today.

As a graduate student, I learnt the pride of having one’s own research project, and the unique satisfaction that comes from creating an original argument that resolved a previously open question.

Upon starting my career as a professional research mathematician, I began to see the intuition and motivation that lay behind the theories and problems of modern mathematics, and was delighted when realizing how even very complex and deep results are often at heart be guided by very simple, even common-sensical, principles.

The ‘Aha!’ experience of grasping one of these principles, and suddenly seeing how it illuminates and informs a large body of mathematics, is a truly remarkable one.

And there are yet more aspects of mathematics to discover; it is only recently for me that I have grasped enough fields of mathematics to begin to get a sense of the endeavour of modern mathematics as a unified subject, and how it connects to the sciences and other disciplines.

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