Sustainable Construction Materials Select Proceedings of ACMM 2021

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Sustainable Construction Materials Select Proceedings of ACMM 2021

PDF Free Download | Sustainable Construction Materials Select Proceedings of ACMM 2021 by K. S. Satyanarayanan, Hyung-Joon Seo, and N. Gopalakrishnan

Contents of Sustainable Construction Materials eBook

  • Comparative Study on Low-, Medium- and High-Rise RC Framed Buildings Using Force-Based Design Method and Direct Displacement-Based Design Method
  • A Comparative Study of FBD and DDBD of Two-Dimensional Steel Frames with Concentric Bracings
  • The Behaviour of Seven-Storey Infilled RC Frame with Opening in Infill—An Analytical Study
  • Strength Enhancements in Tensile Properties of Steel by Press Brake Cold Forming
  • Seismic Performance Analysis of RC Bridge Subjected to Different Levels of Corrosion
  • Demand Analysis on Natural River Sand Used in the Construction Project
  • A Partial Replacement of Cement Using Extract Powder Form of Silica Aerogel
  • Behaviour of Seven-Storey Reinforced Concrete Frames with Infill and Interfaces Under Static Load
  • Multi-functional Materials A Study on Strength Behaviour of Seasonal Frozen Soils Stabilized with Cement and Wood Ash
  • Evaluation of Failure Mode Analysis and Strength Behavior of Fly Ash Brick Masonry Prisms
  • Experimental Study on Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete with Treated Waste Domestic Water
  • Case Study on Effective Utilization of Wastes by Implementing Lean Principles in the Auditorium Building
  • Analysis and Design of Shear Capacity of Sisal Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Member in Rectangular Cross-Section
  • Experimental Investigation of Cement Mortar to Improve the Strength by Adding Sisal Fiber
  • Investigation on Micromechanical Behavior of High-Performance Fiber Concrete
  • Concocting Nanostructured Plant Molecules for Inhibiting the Corrosion Activity in HYSD Bars
  • Smart Materials and Civil Engineering Experimental Investigation of Cold-Formed Steel Castellated Beams
  • Effect of Elevated Temperature on Flexural Behaviour of Prestressed Concrete Beam
  • Effect of Strength Parameters Upon Partial Replacement of Moderately Burnt and Completely Burnt Sugarcane Bagasse Ash
  • Comparison of Energy Analysis in a Residential Building Using Building Information Modeling
  • Design and Energy Analysis of Green Villa Compared with Conventional Villa Using Virtual Design Modelling
  • Experimental Investigation on Lightweight Concrete with Kegrete Bowling Ball
  • Polymers and Functional Materials Performance of Jute Fabric-Reinforced Polymer Concrete as Permanent Formwork
  • Microstructural Properties of Polymer-Modified Self-Healing Concrete Using Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Diffraction
  • Post-buckling Analysis of Plate Girder with Web Opening
  • Textile Fibre-Wrapping Techniques Used for Textile-Reinforced Concrete
  • Experimental Study on a Concrete Member in Rectangular Cross-Section Using Wrapping of Sisal Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
  • Multi-disciplinary Materials and Composites Investigation of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Locally Available Aggregates with Different Combinations for Pavement
  • Experimental Study of the Addition of Aquatic Calcium Carbonate Composites in Cement Mortar
  • Study on the Influence of Manufactured Sand on Deflection Characteristics of Coconut Shell Concrete Slab
  • Reduction of Pores and Water Absorption of Coconut Shell Aggregate on Treatments
  • Analysis of RCC Beam with Varying Stirrups Pattern Subjected to Two-Point Loading by Using ABAQUS
  • Comparative Study on Seismic Performance of Steel Diagrid Structures with and Without Dampers
  • Feasibility Study of Tannery Waste as an Alternative for Fine Aggregate in Concrete
  • Hydraulic Engineering and Amorphous Materials Adsorption of Cadmium Heavy Metal in Water by Using Orange Peel
  • An Experimental Study on Quarry Dust as Fine Aggregate in M Grade Concrete
  • Effect of Curing Conditions on Properties of Slag Cement Concrete Partially Replaced with Recycled Aggregates
  • Behaviour of Double-Skin Tubular Concrete Column with Stiffened Plate
  • Numerical Optimization of Mix Proportioning of Self-Compacting Concrete with Silica Fume – A Machine Learning Perspective
  • A Cost Analysis of Selected Building Materials on South Zone Market in India

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