Telecommunication Principles by J. J. O’Reilly

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Telecommunication Principles by J. J. O’Reilly

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Contents of Telecommunication Principles eBook

  • Signals, systems and communications
  • Communication signals
  • Communication channels
  • Communication Networks
  • Telecommunications Worldwide
  • Signal representation and analysis
  • The time domain
  • The frequency domain
  • Fourier series analysis
  • Frequency domain representation of aperiodic signals
  • Fourier transforms
  • Frequency domain representation for signals of arbitrary waveshape
  • Amplitude distribution of signals
  • Sinusoidal carrier modulation
  • Introduction
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Angle modulation
  • Frequency division multiplexing
  • Radio receiver principles
  • Tuned radio frequency (TRF) receiver
  • Superheterodyne (superhet) receivers
  • Pulse modulation systems
  • Pulse amplitude modulation
  • Other pulse modulation schemes
  • Time division multiplexing
  • Pulse code modulation
  • Quantization
  • Sampling and pulse encoding
  • Non-uniform quantization
  • Differential pulse code modulation
  • PCM-TDM telephony
  • Digital communications
  • Digital transmission
  • The eye diagram
  • Signal design
  • Error probability
  • Coding for digital transmission
  • Digital modulation
  • Systems case studies
  • Broadcast FM radio
  • Television systems
  • Videotex systems

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