The BIM managers handbook by Dominik Holzer

The BIM Managers Handbook by Dominik Holzer

The BIM Managers Handbook Guidance For Professionals in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction by Dominik Holzer

Contents of The BIM Managers Handbook

  • Introduction Why BIM Managers Count!
  • The BIM Manager: Focus on the Person behind the Title
  • Hands-On BIM
  • Revelations and Surprises
  • Chapter Best Practice BIM
  • BIM Managers: Breaking Ground
  • The Rise and Rise of BIM
  • Defining Good, or Even “Best Practice,” BIM
  • When BIM Goes Wrong — Examples of “Bad BIM”
  • The Tipping Point — How Do You Become Successful Using BIM?
  • Benchmarking BIM
  • Chapter Change Management
  • Technology as a Driver for Innovation and Change
  • The Cultural Dimension of Change . . . and Its Management
  • Interfacing with Your Organization’s Leadership and Management
  • Overcoming Change Resistance and Managing Expectations
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Chapter Focus on Technology
  • Interfacing Design Technology with Information Technology
  • Hardware/Software License Selection for BIM
  • Sharing BIM via Networks
  • BIM in the Cloud
  • Explaining Tool Ecologies
  • Interfacing BIM
  • Future Developments
  • Chapter Building Up a BIM Support Infrastructure
  • Propagating BIM
  • Starting with the End in Mind—Employer Information Requirements
  • Setting the (BIM) Standards
  • BIM Execution Plans
  • The BIM Placemat
  • The BIM Capability Statement
  • BIM Library Management
  • Reaching Out
  • Chapter Day-to-Day BIM Management
  • The Broad Spectrum of BIM
  • Advancing BIM Strategically
  • Planning BIM on a Project
  • Fire-Fighting and Lending a Helping Hand
  • Chapter Excelling Your BIM Efforts
  • In Search of BIM Excellence
  • Becoming a BIM Expert
  • Innovating with BIM and Educating Others
  • BIM Research
  • Reaching Out and Getting Noticed!
  • Distinguishing Your Service Offering via BIM
  • Embracing Lifecycle BIM
  • Working According to Local Guidelines and Standards
  • Moving Forward (While Catching Up)

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