The Electronics Handbook 2nd Edition by Jerry C. Whitaker

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The Electronics Handbook 2nd Edition by Jerry C. Whitaker

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Preface to Electronics Handbook eBook

The first edition of The Electronics Handbook was published in 1996. Between then and now, tremendous changes have occurred in electronics engineering.

During this same period, the value of The Electronics Handbook has been recognized by thousands of readers all over the world, for which the editor and authors are very grateful.

The numerous changes in technology over the past few years have led to the publication of a second edition of The Electronics Handbook.

This new edition builds upon the solid foundation of fundamental theory and practical applications of the original work.

All chapters have been reviewed and updated as needed, and many new chapters have been added to explain new developments in electronics engineering.

The Electronics Handbook is intended for engineers and technicians involved in the design, production, installation, operation, and maintenance of electronic devices and systems.

This publication covers a broad range of technologies with emphasis on practical applications.

In general, the level of detail provided is limited to that necessary to design electronic systems based on the interconnection of operational elements and devices.

References are provided throughout the handbook to direct readers to more detailed information on important subjects.

The purpose of The Electronics Handbook is to provide in a single volume a comprehensive reference for the practicing engineer in industry, government, and academia. The book is divided into 23 chapters that encompass the field of electronics.

The goal is to provide the most up-to-date reference on subjects ranging from classical devices and circuits to emerging technologies and applications.

The fundamentals of electronics have evolved to include a wide range of knowledge, empirical data, and a broad range of practice.

The focus of this handbook is on the key concepts, models, and equations that enable the engineer to analyze, design, and predict the behavior of complex electrical devices, circuits, instruments, and systems.

The reader will find the key concepts of each subject defined, described, and illustrated; where appropriate, practical applications are given as well.

The level of conceptual development of each topic is challenging, but tutorial and relatively fundamental.

Each chapter is written to enlighten the expert, refresh the knowledge of the experienced engineer, and educate the novice.

The information contained in this work is organized into 23 chapters, building a foundation from theory to materials to components to circuits to applications.

The Handbook concludes with important chapters on reliability, safety, and engineering management.

At the conclusion of most chapters of the Handbook are three important entries of particular interest to readers:

  • Defining Terms, which identifies key terms applicable to the field and their most common definitions
  • References, which lists the papers and other resources used in the development of the chapter
  • Further Information, which directs the reader to additional sources of in-depth information on the subject matter

These features, a trademark of the CRC Press Electrical Engineering Handbook Series, are a valuable aid to both experienced and novice engineers.

In a publication as large as this, locating the information desired in a rapid manner is important. Numerous aids are provided in this regard.

A complete table of contents is given at the beginning of the book. In addition, an individual table of contents precedes each of the 23 chapters.

A comprehensive subject index is also provided. The Electronics Handbook is designed to provide answers to most inquiries and to direct the reader to further sources and references as needed.

It is our hope that this publication will continue to serve you—the reader—with important, useful information for years to come.

Index of Electronics Handbook

  • Chapter 1. Fundamental Electrical Theory
  • Chapter 2. Properties of Materials and Components
  • Chapter 3. Properties of Passive Components
  • Chapter 4. Passive Electrical Circuit
  • Chapter 5. Electron Vacuum Devices
  • Chapter 6. Microwave Vacuum Devices
  • Chapter 7. Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
  • Chapter 8. Microelectronics
  • Chapter 9. Optoelectronics
  • Chapter 10. Power Supplies and Regulation
  • Chapter 11. Packaging Electronic Systems
  • Chapter 12. Communication Principles
  • Chapter 13. Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Chapter 14. Information Recording and Storage
  • Chapter 15. Wired Communications Systems
  • Chapter 16. Wireless Communications Systems
  • Chapter 17. Radar and Radionavigation
  • Chapter 18. Control and Instrumentation Technology
  • Chapter 19. Computer Systems
  • Chapter 20. Signal Measurement, Analysis, and Testing
  • Chapter 21. Reliability Engineering
  • Chapter 22. Safety
  • Chapter 23. Engineering Management, Standardization, and Regulation

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All books on this website are published in good faith and for educational information purpose only. So, we ask you to report us any copyrighted material published in our website and we will remove it immediately.