The Python Bible Volumes 1 to 7 by Florian Dedov

The Python Bible Volumes 1 to 7 by Florian Dedov

The Python Bible 7 in 1 – Volumes One To Seven – Beginner, Intermediate, Data Science, Machine Learning, Finance, Neural Networks, Computer Vision by Florian Dedov

Table of Contents

Beginner Level:

  • Basics of Programming with Python
  • Automation of Simple Processes
  • Programming of Modular Python Applications
  • Easy Transition to Other Languages (Java, C++ etc.)

Intermediate Level:

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Network Programming
  • Penetration Testing with Python
  • Regular Expressions
  • Multithreading
  • XML Processing
  • Database Programming
  • Logging

Data Science:

  • Analyzing and Processing Big Data
  • Statistical Calculations with Python
  • Visualization of Data
  • Working with NumPy, Matplotlib and Pandas

Machine Learning:

  • Predicting Data with Machine Learning
  • Building Neural Networks with Tensorflow
  • Recognizing Handwritten Digits with Neural Networks
  • Applying Linear Models like Regression
  • K-Nearest-Neighbors Classification
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Support Vector Machines


  • Financial Analysis with Python
  • Analyzing and Graphing Stock Data
  • Plotting Trendlines
  • Predicting Share Prices with Machine Learning

Neural Networks:

  • Generating Poetic Texts with Neural Networks
  • Predicting Sequential Data (Stocks, Weather etc.)
  • Processing Audio and Video Data
  • Recognizing Objects Like Horses, Cars and Trucks on Images
  • Understanding Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Understanding Convolutional Neural Networks

Computer Vision:

  • Making unreadable texts readable again with thresholding
  • Extracting essential information out of images and videos
  • Edge detection
  • Template matching and feature matching
  • Movement detection in videos
  • Professional object recognition with OpenCV

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