The Thermodynamics Problem Solver by D. Fogiel

The Thermodynamics Problem Solver by D. Fogiel

The Thermodynamics Problem Solver by D. Fogiel


This book can be an invaluable aid to students in thermodynamics as a supplement to their textbooks.

The book is subdivided into 14 chapters, each dealing with a separate topic.

The subject matter is developed beginning with work and heat, ideal gas processes, entropy and second law, irreversibility and availability, equations of state and extends through vapor power and refrigeration cycles, mixtures and solutions, chemical reactions and equilibrium.

Also included are problems in flow through nozzles and blade passages, heat transfer and statistical thermodynamics.

An extensive number of applications have been included, since these appear to be more troublesome to students.


1. Refer to your class text and read the section pertaining to the topic.

You should become acquainted with the principles discussed there. These principles, however, may not be clear to you at that time.

2. Then locate the topic you are looking for by referring to the “Table of Contents” in front of this book, “The Thermodynamics Problem Solver.”

3. Turn to the page where the topic begins and review the problems under each topic, in the order given. For each topic, the problems are arranged in order of complexity, from the simplest to the more difficult.

Some problems may appear similar to others, but each problem has been selected to illustrate a different point or solution method.

To learn and understand a topic thoroughly and retain its contents, it will be generally necessary for students to review the problems several times.

Repeated review is essential in order to gain experience in recognizing the principles that should be applied, and in selecting the best solution technique.

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