Traditional English Grammar and Beyond

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Traditional English Grammar and Beyond

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Contents of Traditional English Grammar and Beyond

  • Introduction
  • Review of Word Classes
  • Nouns and Associated Word Classes
  • The Verb and its Constituents
  • The Other Classes
  • Recapitulation and Development
  • The Make-up of Clauses
  • Clause Elements and Sentence Types
  • Clause Types
  • Conclusion

Preface to Traditional English Grammar and Beyond

There are many reasons why you should want to pick up a book which has Grammar in its title, and those reasons are so diverse that it is not possible for a single book to satisfy them all. So I need to offer a brief explanation as to why I have written this particular grammar.

The study of English grammar has proceeded in the following two ways recently. Modern linguists have been obsessed with the theoretical problems of language and so have proposed new theoretical methodologies for analysing language.

These have sometimes spawned grammars, which are difficult for those with no linguistic background to follow since such readers do not understand some of the preconceptions which lie behind them.

On the other hand, full descriptions of English have been written such as the one by Professor Quirk and his colleagues.

These often have a somewhat eclectic methodology, for they use not only traditional terminology but also some more modern terms.

Those who come new to the study of the English language find both approaches rather daunting, because they have been taught neither.

It is clear that there is room for an introduction to the study of English grammar which starts with traditional approaches and then incorporates some of the newer terms from modern linguistics.

The new A level English Language papers established by the Joint Matriculation Board (Manchester) and the University of London Examinations Board provide a good example of this need.

This book has been written with this kind of need in mind. Readers who find it helpful, but who feel modification might make the book even more useful, are invited to write to me with their suggestions.

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