Transport of Water versus Transport over Water

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Transport of Water versus Transport over Water

PDF Free Download | Transport of Water versus Transport over Water Exploring the Dynamic Interplay of Transport and Water by Carlos Ocampo-Martinez, and Rudy R. Negenborn

Contents of Transport of Water versus Transport over Water

  • Perspectives on Transport of Water versus Transport over Water
  • Model Predictive Control for Combined Water Supply and Navigability/Sustainability in River Systems
  • Data Assimilation to Improve Models used for the Automatic Control of Rivers or Canals
  • Distributed LQG Control for Multiobjective Control of Water Canals
  • Forecasting and Predictive Control of the Dutch Canal Network
  • Transport of Water versus Particular Transport in Open-Channel Networks
  • Coordinating Model Predictive Control of Transport and Supply Water Systems
  • Effects of Uncertain Control in Transport of Water in a River-Wetland System of the Low Magdalena River, Colombia
  • Automatic Tuning of PI Controllers for Water Level Regulation of a Multi-pool Open-Channel Hydraulic System
  • Hierarchical MPC-Based Control of an Irrigation Canal
  • Model Predictive Control for Incorporating Transport of Water and Transport over Water in the Dry Season
  • Enhancing Inland Navigation by Model Predictive Control of Water Levels: The Cuinchy-Fontinettes Case
  • Effects of Water Flow on Energy Consumption and Travel Times of Micro-Ferries for Energy-Efficient Transport over Water
  • Potential Fields in Modeling Transport over Water
  • Safe and Efficient Port Approach by Vessel Traffic Management in Waterways
  • Technological Challenges and Developments in European Inland Waterway Transport
  • Wave Filtering and Dynamic Positioning of Marine Vessels Using a Linear Design Model: Theory and Experiments
  • Closed-Loop Identification and Control of Inland Vessels
  • Nonlinear Iterative Control of Manoeuvring Models for Transport over Water
  • Performance Evaluation of an Inland Pusher
  • City Logistics by Water: Good Practices and Scope for Expansion
  • Reactivation of the Small Inland Waterway Network
  • Fostering Cooperation in Inland Waterway Networks: A Gaming and Simulation Approach

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