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Understanding Electronic Circuits

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Preface to Understanding Electronic Circuits eBook

LIKE ITS COMPANION VOLUME, Understanding Electronic Components, this book deals with one section of the vast subject of electronics, during this case the essential sorts of circuits which are the daily concern of the electronics engineer.

Whereas the previous book targeting the components, this book deals with the circuits during which the components operate.

Inevitably, some previous knowledge is assumed; during this case of the properties of electronic components and therefore the elementary laws of electrical circuits.

From this starting position, the book explains amplification, oscillation, switching and logic circuits, with a stress on understanding the principles involved instead of on rigorous theory.

Particular attention is paid to the rapidly growing use of integrated circuits in electronics, and therefore the merits and limitations of such circuits are discussed in reference to each different application.

Throughout the book, illustrated examples are taken from modern circuit practice, and these illustrations are by no means confined to the familiar consumer products,

but also represent industrial, military and communications equipment. this is often not a book for absolutely the beginner,

except for those that have some circuit wiring experience but who may have little idea how the circuits work. intrinsically it should be of considerable help to the amateur seeking to increase his knowledge,

especially of circuits in equipment normally inaccessible to him, to the technician engineer approaching electronic circuitry with the aim of performing on industrial or communications equipment,

and to the service engineer trying to find the principles of circuit action and guidance on possible faults.

This book should even have considerable appeal to students following a contemporary ‘A’ level Physics course which incorporates Electronics among the topic matter,

and to the undergraduate seeking to get an overall picture of electronic circuitry in reference to project or similar work.

A book like this will be produced only with the wholehearted co-operation of the industry ,

and that i wish to thank those that gave up their valuable time to debate circuits and applications with me.

I also wish to acknowledge the assistance , information and other assistance unstintingly given by the various firms approached during the writing of this book, especially , the following: Acoustical Manufacturing Co.,

Advance Electronics Ltd., A.P.T. Ltd., Brandenburg Ltd., British Radio Corporation,

Electrocomponents ( Radiospares) Ltd., Farnell-Tandberg Ltd., Ferrograph Co. Ltd., Jermyn Industries, H. J. Leak, Motorola Semiconductors Inc., Mu/lard Ltd., Philips Ltd.,

Pye Telecommunications Ltd., GDS (Sales) Ltd. (distributors of Motorola semiconductors), Tandberg Radiofabrikk A.S., Te/equipment Ltd., Texas Instruments Ltd. i need to also mention the type permission of the Editor of Mu/lard

Technical Communications in allowing me to breed some circuit information from that the majority helpful journal. Finally, i need to thank my wife for her tolerance, understanding and sheer diligence during the preparation of this book.

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