Unmanned Aircraft Design A Review of Fundamentals by Mohammad H. Sadraey

Unmanned Aircraft Design A Review of Fundamentals

Unmanned Aircraft Design A Review of Fundamentals by Mohammad H. Sadraey

Abstract of Unmanned Aircraft Design eBook

This book presents the basic principles, design procedures, and design tools for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with three sections focusing on vehicle design, autopilot design, and ground system design.

There are some similarities and some differences in the design of manned aircraft and the design of UAVs.

They include the design process, limitations (eg, g-load, pressure), and key components of a UAV (autopilot, ground station, communications, sensors, and payload).

The UAV designer must be aware of the latest UAV developments; current techniques; knowledge of lessons learned from past failures; And they should appreciate the breadth of drone design options.

The contribution of drones continues to expand every day, and more than 20 countries are developing and using drones for military and scientific purposes.

A UAV system is much more than just an aerial vehicle or reusable vehicles. Drones are aerial vehicles, they fly like airplanes and operate in an aeronautical environment.

They are designed like air vehicles; They must meet critical flight requirements. The designer needs to know how to integrate complex and multidisciplinary systems, understand the environment, requirements, and design challenges and this book is an excellent overview of the basics from an engineering perspective.

This book aims to meet the needs of newcomers to the world of drones. The materials are intended to provide enough information on each area and show how they all play together to support the design of a complete drone.

Therefore, this book can be used as a reference for engineers entering the field or as a supplementary text to a drone design course to provide system-wide context for each specialized topic.

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