Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners 2nd Edition

Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners by by C. Spaulding and J. Clay

Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners 2nd Edition by C. E. Spaulding and Jackie Clay

Contents of Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners

  • PIGS
  • DOGS
  • CATS

Introduction to Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners

According to statistics, nearly every family today owns at least one animal, whether it is a cat or small dog in an apartment in New York City or a hundred milk cows on a farm in Nebraska.

Couple that with a tremendous movement toward rural, or at least semi-rural living and we see even more animals enter the picture.

People are stressed by too-hurried lives, worried about just where their family’s food is coming from and the care it received along the way and seeking a more self-reliant lifestyle.

Suddenly, living a more simple life, like Grandma’s and Grandpa’s in a quiet rural area, having a large garden, raising a few goats, a milk cow, a flock of chickens and perhaps a horse looks very attractive.

However, many of these people (and maybe you’re one of them) have had little or no experience raising animals at all.

Unlike Grandma and Grandpa, who were raised up from children, taking care of farmstead animals. They were taught what to look for, guarding against sickness and what to do, should it happen.

But, along the way, even Grandma and Grandpa picked up a few old wives’ tales and what I call “helpful untruths,” which, unfortunately, still prevail today in some areas.

How does a person, even an experienced farmer, sort out the solid veterinary information from the sometimes ineffective untruths and downright harmful old wives’ tales?

The new rural dweller often asks, “How do I know how to keep my animals well?” and “How do I know when I can take care of animals myself and when I should call my vet?”

A Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners attempts to answer these questions by providing an easy-to-understand book, giving animal owners a quick, illustrated reference to help prevent many pet and livestock health problems, to quickly spot and treat developing conditions before they get serious and to correctly handle a crisis situation.

This book covers most common pet and farmstead animals, from dogs and cats through goats, sheep, chickens, and cattle.

As veterinary care can be costly, the book also teaches you to perform routine animal care procedures, such as dehorning, castrations, and giving medication. In addition, it aids your decision of when to call your veterinarian

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