Water Management and Water Governance

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Water Management and Water Governance

PDF Free Download | Water Management and Water Governance by Ashish Pandey, S.K. Mishra, M.L. Kansal, R.D. Singh and V.P. Singh

Contents of Water Management and Water Governance

  • Integrated Watershed Management and GIS: A Case Study
  • Prioritization of Sub-watersheds Based on Morphometric
  • Parameter Analysis Using Geospatial Technology
  • Study of Morphological Changes in Deltaic River of Odisha Using GIS
  • Land Use Classification Using Remotely Sensed Images: A Case Study of Eastern Sone Canal—Bihar
  • Assessment of Multiple Satellite-Based Precipitation Estimates Over Muneru Watershed of India
  • Evaluation of Sentinel Red Edge Channel for Enhancing Land Use Classification
  • Reference Crop Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Remote Sensing Technique
  • Assessing Irrigation Water Requirement and Its Trend for Betwa River Basin, India
  • Comparison of FAO and NDVI-Derived Kc Curves for Major Crops in Pare Basin of Arunachal Pradesh
  • Monitoring of Soil Moisture Variability and Establishing the Correlation with Topography by Remotely Sensed GLDAS Data
  • Agricultural Crop Mapping Using MODIS Time-Series Data in DVC Command Area
  • Groundwater Modeling in a Semi-confined Aquifer Using GIS and MODFLOW
  • Effect of Monthly Variation of Near-Surface Lapse Rate on Snowmelt Runoff Simulation in Eastern Himalayas
  • Estimation of Surface Runoff Using SCS Curve Number Method Coupled with GIS: A Case Study of Vadodara City
  • Determination of ERA-INTERIM Proficiency for Rainfall–Runoff Modeling
  • Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Streamflow of Upper Baitarani River Basin Using SWAT
  • Parameter Estimation of a Macroscale Hydrological Model Using an Adaptive Differential Evolution
  • Streamflow Response to Land Use–Land Cover Change Over the Subarnarekha River Basin, India
  • Hydrological Modeling of West Rapti River Basin of Nepal Using SWAT Model
  • Modelling of Groundwater Development Using Arc-SWAT and MODFLOW
  • Revisiting the Antecedent Moisture Content-Based Curve Number Formulae
  • Effectiveness of Best Management Practices on Dependable Flows in a River Basin Using Hydrological SWAT Model
  • An Analytical S-Curve Approach for SUH Derivation
  • Effect of Land Use on Curve Number in Steep Watersheds
  • Performance Evaluation of a Rainfall Simulator in Laboratory
  • Algorithms of Minimal Number of Sensors Placement Using Pressure Sensitivity Analysis for Leak Detection in Pipe Network
  • Rainwater Harvesting System Planning for Tanzania
  • Rainwater Harvesting in Rural Communities: A Case Study of Ghana
  • Dynamic Programming Integrated Differential Evolution Algorithm for Determining Optimal Policy of Reservoir
  • Relationship of Catchment, Storage Capacity and Command Area for Rainwater Harvesting in the Farm Pond
  • Assessing Groundwater Recharge Potential Through
  • Rainwater Harvesting in Urban Environment: A Case of Bhopal City
  • Advancement Plans for Revitalization and Development of Ankobra River Basin in Ghana
  • Groundwater Governance and Interplay of Policies in India
  • Developing Values and Ethics in Leadership for Effective Water Governance
  • Let’s Discuss Water Leadership: Enabling Adaptive Governance for Evolving Waterworlds

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