What Water Is Worth Overlooked Non-Economic Value in Water Resources

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What Water Is Worth Overlooked Non-Economic Value in Water Resources

PDF Free Download | What Water Is Worth Overlooked Non-Economic Value in Water Resources by Kira Artemis Russo, and Zachary A. Smith

Contents of What Water Is Worth eBook

  • Conventional Values of Water
  • Introduction: the many facets of value
  • Terminology
  • Commodification
  • Highlights from the literature
  • Conventional values of water
  • Unconventional values of water
  • Conservation values
  • Spiritual values
  • Policy learning
  • Use values of water
  • The value of water as a consumable commodity
  • Monetary terms
  • The utility of water
  • Monetary terms
  • Welfare economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Contingent valuation
  • Ecological economics
  • Economic Grounds for Current Practices of Water Management
  • A starting point: values sanctioned in economics
  • Turning nature into capita
  • Water markets and hegemonic powers
  • The indoctrination of classical liberalism
  • Locke on property
  • Locke on money
  • The indoctrination of neoliberalism
  • The globalization of trade
  • The International Monetary Fund
  • The World Bank
  • The World Trade Organization
  • Permeation of the “common sense”
  • The common sense of water marketing
  • The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
  • An overview of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
  • The trend toward inclusion of community values
  • Ecosystem and hydrologic services
  • Ecosystem services
  • Hydrologic services
  • Conclusions and progress
  • A further look at Ecological Economics
  • Non-Conventional Community Values of Water
  • Non-monetary values of water
  • Environmental values of water
  • In-stream values of water
  • Spiritual values of water
  • Eastern beliefs
  • Chinese Traditional Religion
  • Western beliefs
  • Ecologically based spiritual beliefs
  • Native American beliefs
  • Native beliefs in Arizona
  • African spirituality
  • Additional ways people hold spiritual value for water
  • Cooperative Communities: The Future of Water Management
  • Assignments of non-monetary value
  • Assignments of non-monetary values and emergent ecological benefits
  • Implementation
  • Water as a human right
  • The role of gender
  • Education worldwide
  • Water managers as agents of public trust

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